“Bridge” — College & Career

Our College aged and Career Ministry is called “Bridge.” Every week, we gather together for a time of worship, Bible study, and fellowship. Bridge Ministry seeks to encourage each other through the teaching of God’s Word, personal shepherding and care, and fellowship in various activities throughout the year.

A typical weekday gathering goes as follows~

  • Praise and worship through song

  • Preaching the word

  • Small groups

  • Fellowship

meeting times

Sunday Worship Service ~ 9:30 & 11:00 am, Worship Center (2nd Floor)
Thursday Gathering ~ 7:30 pm, Worship Center (minus 5th Thursdays of the month)


  • Pastor: Mr. John Kim

  • Daniel Koh

  • Isaac Kim

  • Joshua Kim

  • Hanna Yi

  • Rachel Koh

  • Sarah Yoon

Bridge mission

For single adults to take the next steps in their faith journey towards becoming fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ. Making the most of this time for the glory of God.

bridge vision

Our vision is for single adults to to become fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ. It is to see brothers and sisters making the most of every opportunities God has laid before them during this portion of life for his glory. Wherever they are on their journey of faith, to take the next steps towards a deeper relationship with God living a life of worship (Romans 12.1-2). It is to see the valley of dry bones (Ezekiel 37.1-14) take on flesh and come to life. It is too see the person who has grown up in the church holding on to a “been there, done that” attitude become revived and thrive. It is to see the prodigal son (Luke 15.11-32) or daughter return to their heavenly father and thrive in this relationship. It is to see the new believer putting doubt by the wayside and grow in faith to the point of living fully for the Lord’s purpose.

Our vision is to see single adults truly mature in faith especially in light of the cultural delayed adolescence and the juvenilization of Christianity. To see them living for almighty God and not the mighty dollar (Matthew 6.24). It is to mature during the stage of singlehood and if Lord willing, prepare for marriage. It is to see discipleship relationships develop as iron sharpens iron (Proverbs 27.17). To see mature brothers and sisters in the faith walk along newer believers. To see the community doing life together, encouraging each other, correcting other, and loving each other (Romans 12.9-21).

Our vision is to see members impacting their spheres of influence. They will be the salt and light of the world (Matthew 5.13-16), bringing the hope of Christ to a world in desperate need of it. They will influence their college campuses and work places. They will impact their families and communities. As they go, wherever they are going, they will make disciples of Jesus (Matthew 28.16-20). Some will serve God in the marketplace, some will pastor, some will become missionaries. All will become committed members of the church family.

Our vision is for single adults to take the next steps in their faith journey towards becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.